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Why you should hire a Personal Trainer?

Updated: May 1, 2018

First thing that comes to mind when you think about Personal Training is "It's too much money, I can't afford it", isn't it? Either that or "Such waste of money, I'll just buy a Fitness Magazine or download an app".

"Personal Trainer: someone whose job is to help you become stronger and healthier by deciding which exercises you should do and showing you how to do them." Cambridge Dictionary of English

As a Personal Trainer, I'll give couple reasons WHY, you should hire a trainer:

by Alyse Panitz Photography

1. He/She went to school for it

Yes, same way you went to school to become a Marketing expert, or an Engineer, or a Nurse, etc, a Personal Trainer also has to go trough the process.

They either have a college degree in Kinesiology or became Certified trough an accredited institution, but still, they dedicated time and invested money to become a professional.

2. A Personal Trainer will design a program specifically for YOU and your Goals

Part of the job of a Personal Trainer is to design a fitness program that will fit your needs and fitness goals. Also, they will help you "fix" all the muscle imbalances you might have, before getting you started in a more advanced exercise program, reducing the risk of injuries.

3. The Trainer will make sure you have proper posture

This is very important! You might be able to lift over 200lbs on a deadlift, but if you don't have the proper posture it's almost likely that you are going to mess up your back at some point.

When you hire a Personal Trainer, this is a very important part of their job, to make sure not only that you have proper posture but to educate you, so you can understand what the proper posture means, and get familiar with the muscles you are using in that movement and how it is supposed to feel!

Take this seriously, your joints will thank you later!

4. Your trainer motivates you when you think on giving up

I know, it can be very hard sometimes, getting up early to workout or after a long day of work, or even just to give that extra push at the end of your series, and that is why 80% of my clients hired me in the first place. They needed someone to hold them accountable and because they needed someone to be there to push them to 1 more burped or 1 more push-up, you name it!

Your trainer will be there to not let you give up on your program and make you stronger.



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