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Mayra Hall

Health & Fitness Coach, Founder

I bring a new concept in Health and Fitness Coaching.

With over 4 years of experience in helping more than 100 people change their lifestyle, my mission is to provide quality service to my clients because I believe in the long-term benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I value you as an individual, so I create specific coaching plans for your needs. Your body is your temple, and that is how I treat it.

I provide Coaching services for busy women who want to look and feel better but don't know how to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I also create specific workout plans for all levels of fitness and work on a progressive fashion, so you are constantly improving your fitness level.


Because everybody’s body is different, I will make sure to deliver the best coaching plan for your needs, always working accordingly to your goals and pushing you towards your best. More than just making you look good, I want to make you feel good!




                                       Mayra Hall





My Certifications:

* Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine - NASM


* Health Coach - American Council on Exercise - ACE


* Fitness Nutrition Specialist - National Academy of Sports Medicine - NASM


* Group Fitness Instructor - American Council on Exercise - ACE


* Corrective Exercise specialist - NASM 


* P-90x Instructor - BeachBody 

* Certified Reiki Level 1 &2 Practitioner 

* Magnified Healing Practitioner



Photo Credit Alyse Panitz Photography


Priscila C.

I'm really glad that I found Mayra! It's been a life-changing experience! I've never been really into working out hard because I am a Yoga teacher and very concerned about getting injured. I have so much fun in our classes outdoors and she always brings everything that we need for the class. it's been a very important activity that is bringing more confidence and strength to my life! She is a very kind teacher but she also knows to push me to do my best!

Raissa K.

I had the pleasure and was very lucky to find Mayra in my life! She's such a great professional and great person! She definitely knows what she's doing and I totally recommend her for anyone who needs help trying to be fit, healthy or just want some improvements in the workout that you're already doing. I workout for many years and I also have been a spinning instructor in the past and working out with Mayra definitely pumped my knowledge to another level.

Emma B.

Mayra trained my husband and I for about 8 months before we very sadly had to move cities. Both my husband and I have longstanding injuries (back and knee) and Mayra took the time and care to understand our limits and didn't push us beyond these. In saying that though, as time progressed and we became stronger we both found that we could achieve more than we ever expected to achieve and we easily pushed past our perceived limits. Mayra always changed up her workouts so we never got bored, and she incorporated a lot of different and fun exercises that we weren't familiar with. Mayra herself is a fun and energetic person to be around, she made the 6am starts easy to deal with, she was always punctual and accommodated our time schedule. All in all, we left San Francisco with greater confidence in our bodies and a wealth of knowledge that has helped us keep training in our new city.

Liezl V.

My health and fitness journey started the day I was told by my doctor that I needed to start taking high cholesterol medication. I knew things needed to change or I wouldn't live to see Jaren hit all his life milestones. 

I started training with Mayra with Vitafit Health and Fitness Coaching exactly 12 months ago. I chose her because she was able to come to my house to train me since I only had a tight window for "me time" during Jaren's homework time and before his afterschool activities. Right off the bat, I remember her taking my first photo (on the left) and I was mortified by what I saw. I could barely get through our cardio sessions and it always took me days to recover from each session. Fast forward to yesterday, she took my photo (on the right) and I could barely believe the results! 

Mayra has endured my screaming, yelling, constant complaining and even bargaining for breaks with distractions (I'm a wuss). She never gave in though... instead she always encouraged and gave me the push I needed to finish each session.

I am happy to say since I started training with Mayra, I have stopped taking my high cholesterol medication completely, my eating habits are healthier (I still love donuts though!), and living a healthier lifestyle has become a family affair with both Matt and Jaren each doing their own workout routines and eating healthier :)

 enough for all the support you have given me and I even though I'm not the quietest or Mayra HallI can't thank you, best behaved client, you are always patient with me and are there to encourage me :) When do I see you next again... cuz you know, I bring the color to your life! 


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